Market Glory
         MarketGlory is a strategy game in which you have the possibility to convert your virtual currency into real money. It is an online browser game, therefore you do not need any other programs installed in order to play. It is one of the few business games where you are rewarded for your daily activity. As a simulation game, it offers you the possibility to fight, work, open companies, start wars. It is a very complex game, and the more you play it, the more options you will find for your own evolution.

What can you achieve?

Be a minister!
To be able to rebuild the world we need stronger men.

Trade referrals!
Referrals are a key element of the new world economic system.

Work each day!
Government trusts more the constantly working citizens.

Be emperor!
Test your leadership skills and conquer the world! It is your chance.

Be a Broker!
Market transactions determine the exchange rates. Gain from pips!

Be a God!
Arena is the place where you can unleash yourself! Strategy brings money.

Be a Manager!
Develop your companies and help your country's economy to recover!

Be a Journalist!
Information is power, power is money. Evolve to a media mogul!

Be a Shareholder!
You can get more involved in the game, buying or selling shares.

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