How to start a blog

How to start a Blog:

Why you start blogging and join the blogging community?

There are many reasons why people join blogging, some join to share the knowledge, where as some join to communicate and spread the information etc.

Step 1: Choose your preferred blogging platform

Wordpress is the popular blogging platform around the world , since the wordpress offers rich plugins and themes. The developer community is very active.
Super-easy to setup and free to use.
Easy to configure, easy to use CMS.

Blogger platform is another popular blogging platform supported by search giant google.
Since its totally free and easy to create blogs, its one of favourate blogging platform for bloggers .
No hassle of hosting or anothing since it is powered by blogger.
Lot of features like user friendly dashboard, template designer, easy widget integration and many more.
Also allows you to use custom domains, which most of blogging platforms do not allow.

Step 2: Self hosting or free alternatives

down sides of free alternatives:

a. It won't allow you to select the your own domain name like instead it will have a unprofessional domain name or kind of sub-domain .
Example: or

b. you can not upload all your videos or you can not monetize your site fully.

c. you do not own your blog, it might sound silly however it is reality. Your blog is hosted on someone's property.
They can delete your blog any time without any proper notice. You do not have much control over your site.

Self hosting have many benefits like:

You have full control over your content, since you are hosting it on your own account.
You can fully monetize your site contents without any restrictions which are present on free alternatives.
In self hosting you can have your own custom domains, just you have to pay extra for domain.
No fear of someone deleting your content over night without any proper reason. So that your years of hard work for blog is much for secure .

Step3: Start a blog on your own domain (if you choose self-hosting and a custom domain)

Domain:- Basically the URL of your website . Example:

Hosting:- Basically the server space which you buy from hosting company like . Where you 
host your website files and other web resources.

Step 4: Designing your blog( using wordpress or blogspot)

Wordpress has many themes and template which you can use to customize your blog like a professional looking site.
Wordpress has rich set of plugins, which makes your work very easy to put more functionality to your site.

Blogger platform to have some basic templates and theme which you can use to create a beautiful blog.
One of the advantage of blogger platform is the sites are stored in very secure servers, since blogger is powered by search giant google.

Monetizesmartly :) your newly created blog. 

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