Qmee is another simple way to earn some easy cash from the internet. Qmee is basically a browser extension that allows users to earn some real money.
Basically, users do simple searches on google/yahoo/ebay/amazon searche engines and sometimes ads ad links come up on the side.

Clicking those ad links range from 5-20 cents that goes into your Qmee PiggyBank.

For Paypal they don't have any cashout limit and is instant. 

Qmee is currently only available in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Qmee is your personal online shopping and saving companion that puts money back in your wallet!
Earn Even More Cash

Qmee shoppers can also influence their favorite brands by sharing valued feedback to earn cash by participating in paid surveys. Share your thoughts now! our piggybank See Your Cash Grow – Go On Treat Yourself!

There’s no limit to how much you can earn.

With Qmee there is no minimum cash out and you’ll see your earnings at anytime in your Qmee piggy bank. By linking to PayPal you’ll have the option to cash out immediately, redeem gift cards or donate your earnings to one of several leading charities. It all adds up.

Firstly, go to Qmee website and sign up with your email address and password.

After you click the “Sign up” button you will go to the following page in where there is a link to download the Qmee extension for Chrome or any other browser you have

Now, click “Add extension” and you will have everything on place. You will see on the top-right part of your browser your PiggyBank.

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