How To Earn from Your YouTube Videos

YouTube Monetization

The easiest method to earn money from YouTube videos is through Google Partner program.
Enable the monetization option of your YouTube account and link your YouTube channel with your Google Adsense Account.

Google AdSense is a Google partner program that helps publishers make money from their original content. As a YouTube channel creator, you can join the publisher program to earn from through video contents. The main criteria for YouTube channel monetization is Quality content, original content. You can choose any category like it may be educational tutorial videos, comedy videos, fun videos or any legal content. Once you have associated your YouTube channel with your AdSense account, you will have the option to submit your videos for monetization.

Your videos will be approved for monetization if it passes YouTube's terms and conditions guidelines for contents. General criteria of meeting such requirements include provisions that your videos to be advertiser-friendly, and that you own the rights to the content to use it commercially.

New policy change in YouTube video Monetization process:

YouTube removes monetization from channels under 10K lifetime views.
YouTube has introduced some changes to its Partner program limiting only channel over 10k views to enable ads on their videos.

For new YouTube channels, you will need to wait untill your minimum threshold of 10,000 lifetime views to apply for the YouTube partner program and enable monetization.
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