Inspirational Journey of Business Magnate, Investor, Author, Philanthropist : Bill Gates

Bill Gates

William Henry Gates III was born on 28 October 1955, in Seattle, Washington. He is one of the well known American business magnate, investor, author, philanthropist, and co-founder of the Microsoft Corporation.

During his times, learning programming itself was a big challenge and also computers are very much expensive to own. By the age of 13, Bill Gates showed deep interest in coding. He used to dig through the codes from trash cans of the computer centers and studies those.

At school, he met Paul Allen the future co-founder of Microsoft and they bonded over a common interest in computers. Soon, they began to skip classes to work in school's computer room. One fine day, Bill Gates saw a new computer on the cover of a magazine that just came into the market. Bill soon realized that it was a lifetime opportunity to build a software for them before anyone else did.

Bill without thinking any further called that company and told them that he had a software ready for their computer. But it was just to gain their interest and he had not written even a single line of code for that computer yet. He had so much passion for computers that he was willing to risk his future at Harvard University for that opportunity.

Both Bill Gates and Paul Allen than dropped out of Harvard and coded the whole software in a few weeks. Soon it evolved into Microsoft Windows line of products which took over the whole world making Bill Gates a billionaire at 31. Rest is history about his career.

He is happily married to Melinda Gates. Currently, he is actively involved in philanthropy and making difference in people's lives around the globe. It is estimated that Gates and his wife Melinda have given away $28 billion via their charitable foundation Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

What his life journey teaches us is: "Always follow your passion and never give up".

"If you are born poor it's not your mistake, but if you die poor it's your mistake" - Bill Gates