Inspiring Life Journey of Facebook Founder : Mark Zuckerberg !

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg is an American computer programmer and businessman. 

1. He is the founder of Facebook and currently operates as its chairman as well as a chief executive officer.

2. Mark was born on May 14th, 1984 in White Plains, New York.

3. At an early age, he loves the 'Star Wars' films.

4. At the age of 10, he notices his father's computer and learns to use it.

5. He builds a program called 'ZuckNet' which connects his father's office computers and home computer.

6. At the age of 11 years, he reads the first programming book 'C++ For Dummies'.

7. Soon he starts to make games from his friend's drawings.

8. Later, he develops the 'Bar Mizvah' with a Star Wars Theme.

9. In the meanwhile, he learns to programme from his friend Adam D'Angelo.

10. Learns to read Latin, Greek, and Hebrew.

11. Mark Builds a program 'Synapse Media Player' that learns your music taste, Microsoft offers 1 million. however, mark turns them down.

12. Enters the Harvard University for further studies.

13. Builds the 'FaceMash' a site letting you pick who is Hotter.

14. Later gets approached by Winklevosses bros for help for their dating website. He helps them and drops their project.

15. Mark builds the within a week. New co-founder Eduardo joins and puts $10,000 for 30% of the Facebook.

16. At this point in time, Facebook has 10,000 users paying $85 a month for servers.

17. Mark gets an email from Napster's founder Sean Parker and meets up.

18. Soon meets the love of his life Priscilla and starts dating her.

19. Mark Gets $ 10 million offer for the Facebook and walks away.

20. Drops out of Harvard University to fully concentrate on Facebook.

21. Moves to Silicon Valley, MTV comes up with a deal of $75 Million for Facebook, he walks away.

22. Spends $85,000 of his personal money to keep the Facebook servers running.

23. After sometimes, Mark gets $500,000 investment from Peter Thief. And also meets the CEO of 'Washington Post' Don Graham and agrees to take his investment.

24. Gets a much higher offer from another guy named Jim Breyer.

25. While at dinner with Jim, Mark cries in the bathroom about breaking the promise to Don.

26. Talks to Don on phone, Don lets this deal go.

27. Mark later fly to New York to learn how to be a CEO from Don.

28. Mark gets $1.5 Billion offer for Facebook from Viacom, almost accepts it.

29. Gets $1 Billion offer from Yahoo for Facebook, he walks away.

30. In Sept 2006, opens Facebook to everyone.

31. Later, his first hired programmer leaves after a few weeks to start his own video startup (YouTube).

32. Microsoft offers $15 Billion for Facebook, Mark walks away.

33. Mark signs a relationship contract with the girlfriend before she moves in.

34. Hires his number 2 employee Sheryl.

35. Soon, Mark goes on a Pilgrimage to India to the same Ashram Steve Jobs once went.

36. He marries Priscilla Chan.

37. Mark aims to connect 5 Billion people to the Internet.

This inspiring Journey of Mark Zuckerberg teaches us that 'Never Give Up, Have Faith in Your Passion and Work hard to reach Your Goal'.

"People don't care about what you say, they care about what you build" - Mark Zuckerberg