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Friday, February 22, 2019

What is Dropshipping | Drop Shipping ? Let's know in detail of this business model

What is Dropshipping | Drop Shipping? Let's know in detail of this business model 

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping/Drop shipping business model or platform enables you to sell without having to stock inventory. If you're a merchant that is conventional or run an e-commerce website, then drop shipping business model is a wonderful opportunity to explore in online space. You sell the products and once you get a purchase, send the dispatch and order info to the drop shipping company and the rest is handled by drop shipping companies like AliDropship or other drop shipping players in the market. Dropshipping companies are able to customize, pack and ship the product since they inventory the products in their warehouse.

A profit is earned by you on the differentiation between buy low and sell high. Benefits of Drop Shipping is that the program saves you valuable time and money by warehousing, personalizing, packaging, and shipping your orders.

Some of the benefits of Dropshipping business model are as follows:
  • No need for any inventory to maintain
  • There is no minimum purchase requirement
  • No need for any huge initial investment
  • Personalization of your products 23 Business Day Order processing
  • Hassle free shipping notification and 24/7 online order tracking feature
  • Easily accessible order status, printing of invoices
  • It gives an opportunity to select a varied product from different categories.
  • Many payment gateways options like PayPal, credit card, payU etc.

One of the awesome features of Dropshipping business model is you will be having full control of your custom store like which product you want to list in your webstore or remove, promotion of your products, in detail sales reports in your dashboard and much more.

Most of the popular Dropshipping companies like AliDropship also provide integrated marketing tools like coupon discounts, promotion banners, subscription lists, product review and much more.
It also gives real-time price changes of products in e-commerce sites like AliExpress. So that Dropshipping owners/drop shippers can purchase products at cheap rates and sell it for the high price in their webstore and make huge profits out of it.

Dropshipping is like a boon to many people around the world, as it requires less capital to start their business and easily scalable as profit surges in the business. You will be your own boss 100% ownership.

How Does Drop Shipping/dropship Work?

Once you open an account with drop shipping partners like AliDropship or any other players in the market by choosing their yearly plans like Basic, Advanced, Ultimate and so on. You can instantly start setting up your webstore and sell your personalized products to make money.

How long does it take to process an order?

After the Dropshipping companies like AliDropship receive your order, each order is shipped within 23 business days depending on your Dropshipping membership plans. Candles and small items are usually shipped within 5 business days.

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