Do you have the skill set for App Development ? Then try your luck in Google Play store / Apple app store

Do you have the skill set for App Development? Then try your luck in the Google Play store / Apple app store

App Development

In this digital era, the recognition of mobile applications is increasing every day. Now, a lot more individuals are using mobile phones and use mobile applications for their daily work. With the increasing demand and popularity of mobile applications, mobile application development companies are striving to improve the user experience by opting for the most recent technology in mobile application development. Choosing the proper framework is essential for the development of the hybrid application. There are various kinds of frameworks for hybrid application development. So use the right framework to speed up your app development.

So if you want to be a successful app developer and want to start your own online business through the app stores like the Google Play store / Apple app store then below are a few foundation tips for app development:

1) Have an Idea 

This is by far the hardest part, a great idea comes from a positive mindset. And the great idea makes a great product and a successful business. Solving an already existing problem is by far the best idea to come up with. So that you can come up with an innovative solution to that problem. Research is also very crucial, checking whether there are already players working on the current idea, and analyzing the market gap.

Example: 'Flappy Bird' is a simple game idea but very addictive gameplay. This is a real example of how a simple app became a global success phenomenon.

2) UI / UX design

UI/ UX plays a very important role in user retention and user experience. If you look at all the great products out there in the market, the first thing we notice it's the design or app beauty. Whenever the user uses your app it should give them, a wow feeling looking at the design and navigation experience.

3) Build

Building the app through the android studio or any other IDE (integrated development environment). Building a high-quality product always involves code optimization which helps in less resource utilization like power, memory, smooth running of the app, quick start of the app, and many other aspects. The build quality of an app has a direct impact on user engagement or user retention if an app is very buggy then users with never install it again or they will immediately uninstall it.

4) Market fit

Always analyze the market trends before launching any product. Understand the user's needs, and what people are looking for online? What they are searching for? What kind of apps are users searching for?

5) Revenue / business model

If you can't come up with a successful revenue/model then there is a high risk of failure of your business. For any successful startup, you should come up with an innovative business model for monetization.

Different types of Revenue models -

1) In-app purchase: In this type of revenue model, users are given an option inside the app to purchase the goods or services, so that they can upgrade to a premium version of the app or an ad-free app.

2) In-app ad model: This type of revenue model is popular among developers around the world, wherein the apps are made available free to users so that they can enjoy the app content or services for free. The only catch here is that it displays the ads. i.e ad-supported app.

3) User pays: This model is based on a subscription or full one-time purchase. Wherein users pay monthly/ yearly for the app's content or services. If it's a one-time purchase, then the app is free for the rest of your life.

6) Scale

Scaling of business is like taking your business to the next level. It may be adding new features to the app or if it's an internet-dependent app then investing in infrastructures like servers and all. Or else selling your business to multi-billion dollar companies.

Example: WhatsApp was sold to Facebook.

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