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Monday, March 4, 2019

Want to start your own Web Hosting Business? Then try your business acumen in Hosting Reseller

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Want to start your own Web Hosting Business? Then try your business acumen in Hosting Reseller

Web Hosting Overview :

You created the content for the website. The only constraint holding you back now is choosing the hosting service. The problem is exacerbated when you are on a spending budget and don't have a lot of money to spend as your monthly bill. It is surprising to know that days marketplace is flooded with services offering cost hosting. Before thoroughly and carefully scrutinizing any business, one should take a look at what're the requirements of one. What content is to be hosted, web presence and anticipated traffic are a few questions. Cost hosting that could offer or more to solutions is an alternative that is viable.

Cost effective doesn't mean one has to sacrifice important factors of hosting. The first consideration has to be disc space and bandwidth accessibility. The offered bandwidth must be capable of supporting your webpages. This concern shouldn't be compromised because it may result in poor web presence and consequently site. Another factor is the proper customer support. During a problem, moments can be saved by prompt support. The assistance has to be available immediately. Some cost-effective dedicated hosting services offer incentives like multiple domain hosting. They must be regarded as it hurts to get more if offers are made in a rate.

You never know, such perks might bring in surprising results. While determining check if the business makes a system checkup for backup and information safety. Services are available in a premium if wellness of one's business depends upon your site invest in them.

Finally, do check the history of the payment business since cost-effective ted payment would be offered by well-established companies too. Doing your homework before stepping to the market pays off well. Ensure you compare all the available spending budget hosting services and understanding the respective services on their platter. It may be done through direct interaction with business executives or by researching on the web. Comments on discussion forums must be carefully examined in order to obtain a real picture. The better an individual understands the market, the easier it's to make the best choice. When you're on a spending budget, cost-effective dedicated hosting could make the much-needed difference. Several companies such as Bluehost, Hostgator, Hostmonster and couple of other players in the market, all provide services that suit your spending budget wallet. Just know your needs and understand the market to make a knowledgeable decision.

Hosting Reseller Business :

Few points to remember while planning for your Web Hosting Business :

1. Business objective or the vision 

For any successful business, there should be proper groundwork to be done. So the first thing to do is identify the objective of your business. What makes your business or the service offering special compared to other players in the market? What is the value-added service you can offer to your customers at a reasonable price? and so on.

2. Choose your target audience

This is one of the vital things to consider while starting your web hosting business. Who is your target audience? Is it bloggers, graphic designers, small business owners, startups, individuals or big corporate clients. Deciding your target audience and proactively reaching them to increase your sales is the key to your success.

3.  Analyze the market and your competitors

As we all know that the web hosting industry is a billion dollar market with fierce competition. We should thoroughly analyze the market before entering into the business. These days are countless web hosting companies which provide cheap/ discounted hosting plans.  So to be competitive in the market we need to research our competitor's pricing models and their service offerings.

4. Choose your brand name

Whenever we start any business, it is always a plus point if our brand name reflects the services we are offering. Having a creative and strong brand name helps to market your organization in a better way. Choose your brand name wisely.

5. Building a high-quality website and branding of your web hosting company

As the saying goes by: "The first impression is the best impression". It applies to any online business. The design quality of your web hosting company website plays a very crucial role in attracting new customers. If you have a poorly developed website of your hosting company, it reflects the quality of your service and trustability for sure.

6. Select the best reseller hosting in the market

In the market, there are many web hosting companies which offer reseller hosting plans. Where you can sell the hosting by rebranding. It is very important to select the trusted and quality driven resellers because it will have a positive impact on your reseller business. If you choose a wrong reseller hosting plan where the service quality is underperformed then it will lead to customer complaints and dissatisfaction from the customers.

7. Create cost-effective hosting packages for your customers

Creating a cost-effective and superior quality hosting packages helps to attract new customers as well as retain the existing customers. Customer loyalty increases if you provide them discounts, coupons in the renewal of hosting plans.

8. Facilitating secure payment gates and different payment modes

Providing different modes of payments gateway like PayPal, wire transfer, net banking, and other payment channels helps in the easy transaction and customer friendliness.

9. 24/7 customer support is the key thing to business success

For a business to be successful, it has to be customer focused. Providing 24/7 customer support is very vital in the hosting business, issues might be of technical, invoices or anything. A happy customer makes a successful business.

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Friday, February 22, 2019

What is Dropshipping | Drop Shipping ? Let's know in detail of this business model

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What is Dropshipping | Drop Shipping? Let's know in detail of this business model 

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping/Drop shipping business model or platform enables you to sell without having to stock inventory. If you're a merchant that is conventional or run an e-commerce website, then drop shipping business model is a wonderful opportunity to explore in online space. You sell the products and once you get a purchase, send the dispatch and order info to the drop shipping company and the rest is handled by drop shipping companies like AliDropship or other drop shipping players in the market. Dropshipping companies are able to customize, pack and ship the product since they inventory the products in their warehouse.

A profit is earned by you on the differentiation between buy low and sell high. Benefits of Drop Shipping is that the program saves you valuable time and money by warehousing, personalizing, packaging, and shipping your orders.

Some of the benefits of Dropshipping business model are as follows:
  • No need for any inventory to maintain
  • There is no minimum purchase requirement
  • No need for any huge initial investment
  • Personalization of your products 23 Business Day Order processing
  • Hassle free shipping notification and 24/7 online order tracking feature
  • Easily accessible order status, printing of invoices
  • It gives an opportunity to select a varied product from different categories.
  • Many payment gateways options like PayPal, credit card, payU etc.

One of the awesome features of Dropshipping business model is you will be having full control of your custom store like which product you want to list in your webstore or remove, promotion of your products, in detail sales reports in your dashboard and much more.

Most of the popular Dropshipping companies like AliDropship also provide integrated marketing tools like coupon discounts, promotion banners, subscription lists, product review and much more.
It also gives real-time price changes of products in e-commerce sites like AliExpress. So that Dropshipping owners/drop shippers can purchase products at cheap rates and sell it for the high price in their webstore and make huge profits out of it.

Dropshipping is like a boon to many people around the world, as it requires less capital to start their business and easily scalable as profit surges in the business. You will be your own boss 100% ownership.

How Does Drop Shipping/dropship Work?

Once you open an account with drop shipping partners like AliDropship or any other players in the market by choosing their yearly plans like Basic, Advanced, Ultimate and so on. You can instantly start setting up your webstore and sell your personalized products to make money.

How long does it take to process an order?

After the Dropshipping companies like AliDropship receive your order, each order is shipped within 23 business days depending on your Dropshipping membership plans. Candles and small items are usually shipped within 5 business days.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Things that stop you from becoming either comfortable or Rich ! Must read

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Things that stop you from becoming either comfortable or Rich 

1. You Overspend

You spend more than you earn, taking money from either your savings or rely on Credit cards to pay for things
Make a list of where your earnings go each month, see where you are able to reduce your outgoings and then set yourself a realistic budget which allows you to pay your bills, but leave some to invest in a retirement/savings plan and a portion to place into an emergency fund.

2. You Don’t Save anything or enough

Saving something must become a priority to make a start with the emergency fund. When you have created this is fairly substantial then you can move on to saving for other goals you have in life.

3. Too Much Debt

While certain are away to financial success, buying property or starting a business even this is best done when you have some capital rather than having to borrow the full amount. But credit cards or other debts that attract high-interest charges are not. Pay off the ones with the highest rates.

4. You Have No Plan

If you do not have a defined plan(s) becoming comfortable/rich will always just be a dream. This factor alone will consolidate excuses to overspend and not save. Putting a financial plan in place may seem boring, but it is a necessity and you can both get used to it and achieve it. As far as the plans go if you want to achieve your objectives break them down into three categories short, medium and long-term.

5. No Emergency Fund

Most experts will tell you that you need to have at least six months of income in your emergency fund, because without this in place it can turn what could have been a comfortable situation into a huge disaster very quickly.

6. Started too late

The most difficult part of starting anything in life is actually to make a start on it. You may have a debt, small income and lots of expenses, but everyone can still save something even if it is only a very small amount to begin with.

7. Complaining but never Committing

If you do not change anything then nothing will change, instead of complaining, take responsibility for your bad habits and think of how you can change these and then do it.

8. You live for the present and forget about the future

It may not be any fun, to think about retirement and other things in the future. But you will have to do it. One of the problems in life is that if you do not regulate or you are prone to impulsive spending you will end up in debt. You have to change your attitude from buying now, worrying later to saving now and getting rich later, thinking pattern.

9. Lack of Diversity

You might be lucky and get rich with one type of investment, but that is like winning the lottery, it is not a good strategy either as having all your money in one place also puts you at way too much risk. It is better to have multiple investments that have different levels of risk, ROI potential and also different levels of access to your money.

10. Not Understanding

Maybe you are a person that believes somehow or something will come and rescue you, so why should you bother to save or get out of debt. You may get lucky land a fabulous job, get a huge pay rise, and receive an inheritance, win the lottery or something along those lines. But none of these are really a good plan if you actively want to become rich. Life is always uncertain and nobody truly knows what will or won’t happen, so why not focus on what you can actually control today yourself. You have, to have a plan to save yourself just in case nobody else or nothing else does so.
One thing though you are already rich if you think about it. If someone offered you a million for your leg, arm or eye, would you give any of them up, you have two, surely you could cope with one, the answer would almost for certain be NO.

To be rich is more than about ownership, it is also a state of happiness, well-being and wishing the same for others. So when you are working on getting rich, remember to stay happy and healthy along the way.

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