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Sunday, April 7, 2019

What is content writing ? The factors which affects content writing | Turn your content writing skill to business

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What is content writing? How to turn your content writing skills into a startup business

Content Writing

Content is king. This is very true in today content-driven industry. Regardless of what type of web site you're running, you still need the content, it's the most crucial factor influencing your web site performance. Yes, there are numerous other factors you should think about however, content is among the most valuable and comprehensive ones.

Writing content can be really challenging, particularly if you do need a steady stream of well-crafted texts. You ought to know that writing an article is hard work, as you both need to attract readers attention making one to read the article to the end and make it Search engine optimization optimized.

Why Can't I Deal With Content On My Own? Making all that on one's own means you're distracted from the more important work for your company. Okay, just consider the fact you're coping with that on one's own. Who'll deal with operational processes? Even when you hire proficient writers and content managers to manage the content issues it may take time to build an efficient team. Furthermore, you might not need a stable flow of content it might be a one time project for 40 articles, for instance.

The two main factors to check in the content writing industry are :

The way to Choose a Content Writing Service?

The first thing you should think about when selecting a content writing agency is how they work. A transparent policy is the main feature of adequate content writing media should possess. For instance, you should be sure that you'll pay a fixed price for a set workload that will be ready in a negotiated time. The very best way to check whether the agency is sufficiently good to deal with it's to make a test order. Once you read them through, you'll make an idea of whether you should make an agreement with an agency.

What Does a Proper Content Writing Service Offer?

Content writing isn't just about making a text. Content should be either optimized and client oriented. Furthermore being client oriented can be sufficient for the text to be seemed optimized. So check whether the content you order is optimized. Following that, a proper service will offer you reasonable prices. We're distinctive among other content writing services due to the fact we always meet our client's requirements. Why? Well, we always meet due dates and there are zero cases we didn't manage to bring client a 100% satisfaction. All of the issues arisen are solved in a couple of minutes by our client service team which is always ready to contact you via the telephone, contact form, chat or email.

The best way to resolve content issues for most of us is to deal with content writing services either by freelancers or content writing agencies. So if you have a passion for writing high-quality content, then you can turn your passion into a successful business by offering Content Writing Services to your clients both in offline mode as well as online modes likes freelancer sites, Fiverr, etc or even set up your online business by launching your website.

A content writer can provide a different level of services like website content writing, article writing, SEO content writing and many more

Website content writing: This type of content writing mainly focuses on corporate companies or businesses, wherein the content of the website mainly describes the nature of the business, products, and services it offers to its customers.

Article writing: This type of content writing mainly focuses on the subject of the article.

SEO content writing: This type of content writing mainly focuses on search engines optimization subjects like blogging related, page ranking, off-page SEO, on-page SEO, and other things. It's more into technical stuff.

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Do you have the skill set for App Development ? Then try your luck in Google Play store / Apple app store

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Do you have the skill set for App Development? Then try your luck in the Google Play store / Apple app store

App Development

In this digital era, the recognition of mobile applications is increasing every day. Now, a lot more individuals are using mobile phones and use mobile applications for their daily work. With increasing demand and popularity of mobile applications, mobile application development companies are striving to improve the user experience by opting for the most recent technology in mobile application development. Choosing the proper framework is essential for the development of the hybrid application. There are various kinds of frameworks for hybrid application development. So use the right framework to speed up your app development.

So if you want to be a successful app developer and want to start your own online business through the app stores like Google Play store / Apple app store then below are the few foundation tips for app development:

1) Have an Idea 

This is by far the hardest part, a great idea comes from a positive mindset. And great idea makes a great product and a successful business. Solving an already existing problem is by far the best ideas to come up with. So that you can come up with an innovative solution to that problem. Research is also very crucial, check whether there are already players working on the current idea, analyze market gap.

Example: 'Flappy Bird' a simple game idea but very addictive gameplay. This is a real example of how a simple app became a global success phenomenon.

2) UI / UX design

UI/ UX plays a very important role in user retention and user experience. If you look at all the great products out there in the market, the first thing we notice it's design or app beauty. Whenever the user uses your app it should give they, wow feeling looking at the design and navigation experience.

3) Build

Building the app through the android studio or any other IDE (integrated development environment). Building a high-quality product always involves code optimization which helps in less resource utilization like power, memory, smooth running of the app, quick start of app and many other aspects. Build quality of an app has a direct impact on user engagement or user retention if an app is very buggy then users with never install it again or they will immediately uninstall it.

4) Market fit

Always analyze the market trends before launching any product. Understand the user's needs, what people are looking online? What they are searching? What kind of apps users searching for?

5) Revenue / business model

If you can't come up with a successful revenue/model then there is a high risk of failure of your business. For any successful startup, you should come with an innovative business model for monetization.

Different types of Revenue model -

1) In-app purchase: In this type of revenue model, users are given an option inside the app to purchase the goods or services, so that they can upgrade to a premium version of the app or ad-free app.

2) In-app ad model: This type of revenue model is popular among the developers around the world, wherein the apps are made available free to users so that they can enjoy the app content or services for free. Only catch here is that it displays the ads. i.e ad-supported app.

3) User pays: This model is based on subscription or full one-time purchase. Wherein users pay monthly/ yearly for the app's content or services. If it's a one time purchase, then the app is free for the rest of life.

6) Scale

Scaling of business is like taking your business to the next level. It may be adding new features to the app or if it's internet dependent app then investing in infrastructures like servers and all. Or else selling your business to multi-billion dollar companies.

Example: WhatsApp sold to Facebook.

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Saturday, April 6, 2019

Are you a Digital Marketing Expert ? then start your own digital marketing agency !

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Are you a Digital Marketing Expert? then start your own digital marketing agency!

Digital Marketing Expert

Reaching consumers over digital channels has several advantages over traditional offline marketing: firstly the firm's ability to target specific audience/consumer. Example : A online business can target consumers who visited their site. The biggest advantage is the accuracy and measurement of success of advertisement campaign like conversion, real-time data, sales, etc. The measurement helps to optimize the campaign. Understanding and implementing digital marketing strategies are not as easy as you think!  It needs an expert in this space if not chances of failure are high. So here comes the digital marketing experts who can help you.

If you are a digital marketing expert / digital marketing guru, then you can start your own startup or company which offers different internet marketing service like SEO, social media marketing, e-mail marketing, web presence to corporate companies, Ad campaign through Google Adwords, search engine marketing(SEM) and other services.

The world is producing numerous opportunities for businesses and is expanding by the minute. As people are currently reaching there, It's swollen and throbbing with actions and activities are happening there. Spread their message and more brands are queuing up there to grab the attention of users. Realize business goals and the purpose is to tap into the internet's rising prospects. The task is harder in practice as it'll need a solid marketing plan. Yes, your business will need experts and their advertising experience that is online to benefit from the market. You need experts controlling, creating and guiding your anxieties your multilingual digital advertising campaigns that are online.

Online Marketing Strategies (benefits for companies)

There are many distinct channels in the world. More so, your company will need Pay per click, Search engine optimization, Social Media and Display campaigns to fit your varied marketing and promotion requirements. You might need an effective and timely implementation of marketing methods to capture the target audience's attention. You might need experts producing a variety of materials to enlarge the foundation of one's company and allow people to know about it and creating brand awareness. Your company will need the best of paid and organic advertising to fulfill its term as long-run goals due and readily success. Every element of the company of one, be it merchandise or services, has to be encouraged through channels that are right to find its own audience.

Social Media Marketing (benefits for companies)

Additionally, your company will get to boost its social network presence to get actual time feedback and review from customers. As each social media has an entirely distinctive user base, you'll have to have a specific strategy to fit Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, also LinkedIn so on. Each of the social network platforms brims with opportunities your company cannot afford to ignore. In the end, it is here you get a possibility to engage in actual time communication with your clients. Your company will need specialists capable of boosting your Return on investment and driving sales. You may require a well-developed site, engaging content also original ideas to reach the public and stir them into action.

In the same time, your company will need a cost-efficient digital online marketing solution to meet its own targets even without spending beyond its own means. More so, you would like to achieve much more even without investing a big amount in your marketing efforts. By hiring digital online marketing experts, your company not only finds a bigger sector to cater but additionally realizes its potential. In the end, the digital world is now a hive of actions where brands are attempting to find a foothold to meet their objectives. Your company needs to be there as only then will it be capable to find the right audience to serve.

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Friday, March 29, 2019

How to Start a Successful Online Printing T-Shirt Business ! Let's know about the tee shirt printing

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How to Start a Successful Online Printing T-Shirt Business! Let's know about the tee shirt printing 

T-shirts are not just a piece of clothing but are a blank canvas for artists, entrepreneurs or any creative person. The good news is because of the simplicity, easy to set up and less capital investment requirement, the online t-shirt is a very popular choice of business. The bad news is there is stiff competition in the market as there are many players. Sometimes margins can be small.

In this article, we will dive deep into some of the basics of online t-shirt business-like strategy, t-shirt quality, print quality, mock-ups of your design, setting up your online t-shirt store and running it.

So let's start a store from the scratch using e-commerce platform like Shopify

Even if you are not a creative genius with design skills or coding knowledge, you can still set up an online t-shirt business easily.

Let's go straight into the strategy :

1) Niche, First you need to select the niche area like funny slogans, motivational quotes, valentine messages, fitness.

2) Design, this is very crucial in attracting new customers. design visualization has a greater impact on the buyer. People are often attracted to beautiful designs and slogans which reflect and connect with their opinions and personality. Even if your tees design is very simple, it can be a best seller if you connect with your audience and stand out.

3) Quality, even if you comprise with any other factors in business there may be still a chance of success. However, if you compromise on the quality, it's the biggest failure in any business. What matters is quality? For the success and sustainability of an online business. You can fool the customer once, but you can not fool them twice or more. Quality of t-shirt and quality of print are very much important. So that it increases customer loyalty for the quality product. In turn, increases the brand value.

Quality of t-shirt includes many aspects like fit, sizing, material, stretchable, softness and weight.

4) T-shirt printing quality :

There are 3 types of prints -

*) Screen printing: It's an old technique that has stood the test of time.
Screen printing can produce durable and long lasting prints. However, can print only simple images and designs.

*) Heat Transfer printing: It is also one of the widely used printing methods on t-shirts, it exists in several forms like basic heat transfer paper. Few of the major drawback of this method is lower quality and less durable, the high initial investment for heat press machine.

The advanced form of heat transfer is called plastisol transfers, which are printed by professional printers on special, high-quality heat transfer paper.

*) Direct to garment printing: It operates just like your home ink-jet printer. It prints ink directly onto the t-shirt and can produce multiple color images with precision with perfect design. Unlimited color options.

5) Creating your designs: If you have photoshop or similar design programs you can try to produce design yourself. However, if you lack the design skills you can take help of professional artist or designers through platforms like Dribble, creativemarket, freelancer where you need to pay the design artist for design.

6) Mocking up your design: When you are ready with final designs, the next step is to mockup images on actual t-shirts. There are many popular online shirt mockup sites where you can preview your newly created designs on t-shirts.

The final step is to market your design t-shirts through social media, word of mouth, blogging or any marketing means and increase your sales!

Can you make money selling t-shirts?
The answer to this question is definitely yes!  This is one of the easiest ways to earn money through online business. T-shirts are trendy and kind of canvas for your artistic imagination. Just be creative in t-shirt printing.

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Monday, March 4, 2019

Want to start your own Web Hosting Business? Then try your business acumen in Hosting Reseller

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Want to start your own Web Hosting Business? Then try your business acumen in Hosting Reseller

Web Hosting Overview :

You created the content for the website. The only constraint holding you back now is choosing the hosting service. The problem is exacerbated when you are on a spending budget and don't have a lot of money to spend as your monthly bill. It is surprising to know that days marketplace is flooded with services offering cost hosting. Before thoroughly and carefully scrutinizing any business, one should take a look at what're the requirements of one. What content is to be hosted, web presence and anticipated traffic are a few questions. Cost hosting that could offer or more to solutions is an alternative that is viable.

Cost effective doesn't mean one has to sacrifice important factors of hosting. The first consideration has to be disc space and bandwidth accessibility. The offered bandwidth must be capable of supporting your webpages. This concern shouldn't be compromised because it may result in poor web presence and consequently site. Another factor is the proper customer support. During a problem, moments can be saved by prompt support. The assistance has to be available immediately. Some cost-effective dedicated hosting services offer incentives like multiple domain hosting. They must be regarded as it hurts to get more if offers are made in a rate.

You never know, such perks might bring in surprising results. While determining check if the business makes a system checkup for backup and information safety. Services are available in a premium if wellness of one's business depends upon your site invest in them.

Finally, do check the history of the payment business since cost-effective ted payment would be offered by well-established companies too. Doing your homework before stepping to the market pays off well. Ensure you compare all the available spending budget hosting services and understanding the respective services on their platter. It may be done through direct interaction with business executives or by researching on the web. Comments on discussion forums must be carefully examined in order to obtain a real picture. The better an individual understands the market, the easier it's to make the best choice. When you're on a spending budget, cost-effective dedicated hosting could make the much-needed difference. Several companies such as Bluehost, Hostgator, Hostmonster and couple of other players in the market, all provide services that suit your spending budget wallet. Just know your needs and understand the market to make a knowledgeable decision.

Hosting Reseller Business :

Few points to remember while planning for your Web Hosting Business :

1. Business objective or the vision 

For any successful business, there should be proper groundwork to be done. So the first thing to do is identify the objective of your business. What makes your business or the service offering special compared to other players in the market? What is the value-added service you can offer to your customers at a reasonable price? and so on.

2. Choose your target audience

This is one of the vital things to consider while starting your web hosting business. Who is your target audience? Is it bloggers, graphic designers, small business owners, startups, individuals or big corporate clients. Deciding your target audience and proactively reaching them to increase your sales is the key to your success.

3.  Analyze the market and your competitors

As we all know that the web hosting industry is a billion dollar market with fierce competition. We should thoroughly analyze the market before entering into the business. These days are countless web hosting companies which provide cheap/ discounted hosting plans.  So to be competitive in the market we need to research our competitor's pricing models and their service offerings.

4. Choose your brand name

Whenever we start any business, it is always a plus point if our brand name reflects the services we are offering. Having a creative and strong brand name helps to market your organization in a better way. Choose your brand name wisely.

5. Building a high-quality website and branding of your web hosting company

As the saying goes by: "The first impression is the best impression". It applies to any online business. The design quality of your web hosting company website plays a very crucial role in attracting new customers. If you have a poorly developed website of your hosting company, it reflects the quality of your service and trustability for sure.

6. Select the best reseller hosting in the market

In the market, there are many web hosting companies which offer reseller hosting plans. Where you can sell the hosting by rebranding. It is very important to select the trusted and quality driven resellers because it will have a positive impact on your reseller business. If you choose a wrong reseller hosting plan where the service quality is underperformed then it will lead to customer complaints and dissatisfaction from the customers.

7. Create cost-effective hosting packages for your customers

Creating a cost-effective and superior quality hosting packages helps to attract new customers as well as retain the existing customers. Customer loyalty increases if you provide them discounts, coupons in the renewal of hosting plans.

8. Facilitating secure payment gates and different payment modes

Providing different modes of payments gateway like PayPal, wire transfer, net banking, and other payment channels helps in the easy transaction and customer friendliness.

9. 24/7 customer support is the key thing to business success

For a business to be successful, it has to be customer focused. Providing 24/7 customer support is very vital in the hosting business, issues might be of technical, invoices or anything. A happy customer makes a successful business.

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